Do you want to make a difference

by being different?

Then, We are the right company for you.

about us.

We develop strategies and solutions in the areas of communication and marketing.

We create ideas for your company that aim to attract your customers.


Our plan is to ensure your business peaks your customer's interest enough to keep you in their mind.  We have worked in the market for over 30 years, serving customers in the United States,South America, and in African markets.

We are partners of the largest audio producer in Brazil (REC STUDIOS).


our services.

Communication and marketing planning for companies

Production, scripting, filming, and editing of institutional and commercial videos

Creation and administration of social media that include uploaded photos, highlights, company information, etc;

Internet content management and promotion

Development of visual and verbal identity (arts and animations)

Sound recording, creating jingles, mastering audio, and dubbing

Color grading for short and feature films



As a company policy, we don't display videos produced for our customers without their consent.

The few contents available on this site have been authorized by customers for use in our portfolio.



phone:  +1 561 4004052


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